Planning & building control

Once you have agreed your plans, we will submit them to the Local Planning Authority for Planning Permission. We act as an agent on your behalf and prepare and submit all the relevant documents, maps and drawings.

Works which require Planning permission should not be started until permission has been granted.


Building Control

Most building work is covered by the Building Acts, and as such Building Control Approval will be required once Planning permission has been obtained.

The process is as follows:

1)  We will submit your plans to the Building Control department for approval. This is known as Full Plans Submission. They will be checked to ensure that they comply with the Building Regulations, which are a set of National standards which cover all aspects of building work, including the structure of the building, thermal insulation, disabled access, drainage, fire safety etc.

2)  When work starts the Building Control department will inspect the works at various stages of the construction and issue a Compliance Certificate upon completion.